ARTY PIPE / Close-up view of a detail on the jetpipe (jet engine exhaust pipe) of Quicksilver’s Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engine, wrapped-up in protective polythene sheeting. Exhaust gases at temperatures as high as 600 degrees C course through the jetpipe, which is mounted in a tunnel that runs through the centre of the boat. Many thanks to Unison Engine Components.

PAPER VIEW / Soft late-afternoon sunlight catches a wall in the entrance to the boat assembly area at Quicksilver’s HQ building at East Midlands Airport – home of the project for over a decade. Several thousand supporters and other guests have seen our work at close quarters on visits here, and chatted to members of the team. Many thanks to John Kirby.

FINEST CUTS / Laser-cut aluminium alloy sheet pictured in close-up during manufacture of one of Quicksilver’s internal upper-hull hoop structures. Many of the craft’s components, from large to small, are made of aluminium. As the construction process continues, so opportunities arise to view things in a different light. Many thanks to Radshape.

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS / Highlights abound as Quicksilver reflects its surroundings at The NEC, Birmingham. The boat has been displayed as a combination of two tonnes of actual hardware, some major moulding patterns and some demonstration bodywork at several major events at The NEC and elsewhere in the UK. Many thanks to UPEX.